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Decades LLC

Friday, October 3, 2014

About Decades LLC

Since 2001, Decades LLC has assisted elderly persons and their families in navigating the many challenges often faced by senior citizens. At offices in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces, New Mexico, the organization offers a comprehensive array of elder care services, aiding both financial and healthcare decision-making.Decades LLC offers professional geriatric consultations facilitated by a dedicated care manager, addressing such topics as living situation, daily activities, nutrition, finances, and mental health. Following the consultation, Decades provides a report detailing the ideal care options, including local resources, for each individual. 

For situations in which a court has determined that an elderly individual requires a legal representative to make important life and care decisions, Decades LLC offers guardianship and conservatorship services. As court-appointed guardians, the firm’s representatives make decisions regarding the individual’s living situation and medical treatments, including end of life care. When providing conservatorship, Decades aids financial decision-making. Seniors and their loved ones may also opt to grant Decades healthcare power of attorney, which allows the company to make medical treatment decisions on behalf of the client, or durable power of attorney, which allows it to manage the client’s financial decisions. 

Decades LLC supplements its representative services with expertise in family mediation, the fiduciary court system, financial management, and health advocacy. The firm facilitates family meetings and conflict coaching, provides expert witnesses and personal representation in fiduciary court, and offers financial and healthcare advisory services to further assist its clients.